Making Pre-School Fun

Making Pre-School Fun

clothes.9Some children dread the morning because they hate routines. At a young age, when children are in the period of learning, facing them to the same thing every day can get quite boring. Here are a few tips to make your pre-school exciting to come to.

Easing the drop off

The hardest part about pre-school might be dropping the kids off.  You will have to face some tantrums and angry faces almost every day for a while. Make the pre-school journey fun by exciting the kid with happy thoughts about the day ahead. Coming extra early will save you some time to cheer the little one up and also will help him/her settle down.  Being positive and showing that you are not afraid will calm the child down.  Appear more confident and say good bye cheerfully and maybe you can promise her an ice cream after school.

Colourful lunches

Ask the mommies and daddies to try and pack a colourful art smocks and exciting lunch for the kids. At a young age, children take time to look at their meals before having it. Through this they learn about colours shapes, sizes and more. You could have one or two days of the week where a colour theme, national food or shape is to be brought in the lunch bag or even ask the parents to send some ingredients in for a mini master chef session. Do not forget to write it down in the diary for the parents to see. By organizing kids lunch boxes with heart sandwiches, humpty dumpty eggs and maybe a fruit rainbow, they learn without having to open a book.

Nap time or story time?

Children learn a lot through make believe stories and fairy tales. After the childrens lunch boxes are empty, start nap time with a good story. After the story is done it will surround their minds while they drift off to sleep. Making them listen to tales encourages a better nap as it isn’t forcing a sleep. Thus, it is better to incorporate the two into one session. Those children who dislike sleeping will also await the nap time!

The learning game

Playing of all sorts is critical for a child’s development. Through falling, catching, hiding and seeking, he learns a bundle of things that affect growth in a positive way. An easy way to incorporate knowledge and playing is through playing a learning game. Hiding the letters of the alphabet and asking them to find it or making a visit to a zoo/pet farm to count animals will familiarize them with concepts. Learning method as such are endless for these toddlers.

Author: Alexander Gardiner